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Ph. Viviana Strambelli



Hello and welcome to my little corner of the universe.

I usually skip the superficial stuff and dive in deep. Where to begin?

Usually people state what they do, but I do a lot of different stuff. I am a super curious soul and I love to talk so I started podcasting as I was getting bored just talking TO people in my yoga classes and not so much with. I knew that I had a lot more to share and wanted to reach a wider audience.

I have a lot of practice being on stage as an actress, but I realize that I have more to share as myself.

The most important character you get to play in this life is yourself, so make it worth while.

Most describe me as super spiritual,

I talk more about that on my podcast.


I am a mystic at heart.

Mystic /ˈmɪstɪk/ noun: a person who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. 

Obsessed with anything soul related, I am currently studying esoteric astrology. I have experienced a lot in my life which has pushed me towards looking for deeper truths and meaning. After a lot of soul searching and studies in the healing arts, and I now share my insights in my classes an sessions

 in person and online


I am definitely multi passionate, but all the pieces come together with astrology for me. It's a great tool for truly knowing yourself, healing and finding where and how you best can thrive. Read more about my offerings here.

I am Norwegian, but have lived in Rome, Italy for a decade, so I consider myself half-italiana. The eternal city has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. It's where I studied to become a yoga teacher and an actress si in ItalianoThe biggest theatre scene in Italy is in the streets and I've learned so much about la vita, life living there. For more info on Acting.


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