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On point Podcast

Ciao and welcome to my podcast universe!

I am a super curious soul and I think that we all can learn so much from taking the time to listen. Podcasts are a perfect means for that in today's busy world. Intimate and personal. I was inspired to start podcasting as I have great conversations with fantastic people and I figured it would be a shame NOT to share.


I wonder too, as I tend to digress *insert hide eyes emoji* But on the flip-side; the positive about getting lost sometimes is that we find hidden treasures and I am 'on point' in the way that I talk about the stuff I believe truly matter. It is a part of my personality to dive deep, I like to get to the core of the matter and - of course I invite guests that I know are on point with have something special to share.

I love to get to know people's stories, to dive into their background and learn how they came to be who they are today.

Are you curious yet?

Have a listen in, and tell me what you think.


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