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Dear One

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

So what happens when you put your phone down and listen?

We are so connected these days that we hardly have space for listening.

Unless you carve it out consciously.

This summer walking home from work one day, listening to music on my phone, scrolling, clicking, liking, responding. I felt the urge to pull out my headphones and just listen to the message that came through in that moment. I stopped and looked at the flowers by the side of the road. The first sentences of the poem below came that instant. The others I've gathered throughout the summer, like strawberries on a string.

It's a message that I needed to receive. Maybe you do too? Remember we're all in this together. Please share how you make space for nothingness in order to receive, or just comment how you feel <3

With love, Iselin

Dear one.

Have you ever looked down at your own feet

giving thanks for the way they kiss the ground?

Have you ever stared deeply into a flower, delved fully into it's mystery?

Forever changing, but yet so whole and complete.

Have you seen a feather falling through the air,

thinking what if it all could be, that easy - and if you could really be that free?

Falling with such effortless ease.

Is it even possible, you ask.

To completely trust your path in this divine mystery?

The way the wind caresses water.

Making ripples for you to see.

Your reflection distorted.

Making new ways for you to see.

Have you noticed how the sea makes unapologetic waves,

knowing what's to come, and what needs to go?

And the way it always catches you, when you dive in?

How the water wraps around your skin.

Like an interstellar blanket of permeable joy.

Peacefully floating, carried by the compassion of the sea.

Have you ever felt such ease?

Dear one. It's time to let go of control.

Now surrender to this mystery.

It's held you since the day you got here.

Do you remember a time when you trusted completely?

Knowing the loving force that surrounds you?

Go on, dear one.

With unwavering faith in yourself.

It's time to step into your power completely.

Dive into the unknown.

You're held.

The future will soon be familiar.

Just let love in and receive.

You're deeply worthy.

You've always been.


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